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Clever solutions for your unique challenges

Keep it simple from hire to retire – choose the HR solution that works the way YOU work.


What sets ELMO apart?


Flexible and adaptive

We adapt and evolve along with your organisation, providing dynamic solutions that grow with you.


You do you

Our cloud-based solutions can be used together or stand-alone, ensuring they easily work for your organisation’s unique processes.


Local knowledge

Our thorough and continually updated understanding of the Australian and New Zealand marketplace enables us to meet your specific needs, no matter where you are.


Admin never looked so good

Our automated HR solutions free up your HR team so they can spend less time on paperwork and compliance, and more time engaging with leaders and employees.

Solutions for your industry

ELMO creates unique solutions tailored to help you address challenges specific to your industry, and excel.

Take a look at how ELMO can help you in your industry.

No matter your HR challenge, ELMO has a solution.

Solutions for your unique challenges

Achieving HR compliance is simple with ELMO’s thorough record-keeping and data security.

Give your new hire an experience they’ll remember for the right reasons, with layered, customisable Onboarding solutions.

Simplify your entire employee performance process so it’s easy to keep your team productive and motivated, from hire to retire.

Empower your leaders to make confident, data-driven HR decisions that unleash the full potential of your organisation, and your people.

ELMO’s data-led approach to remuneration reviews means you can be sure reviews are transparent and fair, every time.

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Reduce legal risk


Enhance efficiency

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Stay up-to-date

Onboarding Program
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Reduced time to productivity


Easy-to-find essentials


Detailed progress tracking


Alignment with corporate strategy

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Mitigate turnover risks

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Comprehensive reporting

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Proactive HR planning

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Centralised data analytics

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Intuitive data visualisation

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Streamlined processes


Empower decision-making

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All the data you need

See what ELMO can do for your business

We empower HR to fearlessly lead company decision making with technology, analytics & data.

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