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ELMO Customer Success

Get the support you need with ELMO’s dedicated customer success team to help increase your ROI and achieve your organisation’s goals.


Why choose ELMO?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority – whether you’re configuring ELMO to reach your goals, or something isn’t quite right and you need assistance. Your ELMO Customer Success Manager is there to get you up to speed with ELMO fast, help you train up administrators, make configuration changes, and incorporate any new features you need.


How Can ELMO help you?

We enable you with all the tools you need to succeed
ELMO Learning

ELMO Academy

We get you up and running quickly, with online group training sessions to help with configuration and basic understanding of the modules. 

Plus, we have a range of self-paced training courses to let you explore at your own pace and deep dive into the areas you care about.



ELMO Courses

Application Guides & Help Centre

Our platforms have product walkthroughs throughout to guide administrators through the system – assisting with both configuration and using the modules.

Plus, our Help Centre has plenty of training manuals and helpful articles to answer commonly asked questions. You can also raise tickets with the Support Team to assist with your day-to-day queries.


ELMO Analysis

Weekly Optimisation Classes

Every week we host a live optimisation class, run by our system experts, that covers of a new topic each week. From Recruitment, Onboarding, Learning to Performance and more, you can learn how to maximise each module’s potential. Gain actionable tips and best practices for enhanced engagement and clear ROI demonstration through leveraging reporting.



Your customer success manager

Your ELMO CSM is your dedicated partner in your journey towards success. They work with you to understand your goals and metrics, and help you achieve the desired outcomes for your organisation. Leveraging their experience across our product suite as well as their diverse clientele, they have a wealth of invaluable insights that can help you achieve your strategic goals.

They can also assist you with unique system reconfigurations like building a performance template, TMS Homepage redesign, Onboarding homepage redesign, new workflow build, customer reports and more.

Level up with a dedicated Customer Success Manager

Annual Packages

Connect Quarterly

ELMO Essential

Connect quarterly with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who understand your business to provide guidance and coaching across your human resource information systems (HRIS). Optimise ELMO solutions with a tailor made plan that brings together the fundamental principles, strategies and practices needed for business success.

Connect Monthly


Connect monthly with a Customer Success Manager to promote user adoption and ROI for your ELMO Solution. Rely on expert advice, support, and coaching as well as assistance with system configuration. All tailored to your specific needs.

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Connect Fortnightly


A committed fortnightly session with your Customer Success Manager where you’ll drive user adoption, engagement and optimisation to improve efficiencies and achieve ROI from your ELMO solution. Leverage their expertise in tailoring system configurations and addressing reconfiguration requirements, and utilise their knowledge to create deep reporting insights.



A Customer Success Manager (CSM) is someone specialised in a software platform, who is assigned to a business to help them get the most from that software.

They learn the business goals and with their expert product knowledge, guide the business to attain their success metrics.

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) can fast-track how users adapt to and engage with the business solutions tools. Their skilled knowledge means they can identify areas to improve efficiency, help administrators, reduce errors, and help a business to hit goals and their ROI faster.


Not a customer yet? Talk to our team about getting started with ELMO software, and how we can help both your business and your HR team thrive.