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Expense Management Software

Simplify your expense tracking and reporting with an easy-to-use mobile app.

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Flexible and scalable

We can cater to your organisation’s level of maturity and will scale with you as your organisation evolves and/or your needs change.

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End-to-end HR solutions, from hire to retire

ELMO is configurable to the specific needs of your business, spanning across the entire employee lifecycle.

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Local support round the clock

We have teams across multiple regions with deep local marketplace knowledge to support your needs. Help is there for you when you need it.

Automate compliance

Build your company expense policies into ELMO Expenses to automate compliance. Policies are defined at the point of entry, and out-of-policy claims are eliminated through automatic policy enforcement alerts.

  • Advanced OCR for expenses
  • Automated policy compliance
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Streamline cash management

Claim and manage petty cash in real-time through a mobile app. Admins can integrate pre-approvals to avoid overspending.

  • Intelligent receipt matching
  • Encrypted data protection
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Mobile expense app

Manage expenses on the go – simply take a picture of a receipt and submit a claim in seconds. Admins can review, approve, reject and track expense reports in real-time.

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Corporate card matching

Intelligent Receipt Matching automatically pairs receipts to their corresponding card transaction(s), reducing admin workflows, for quick and accurate expense management.

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Integrated and secure

ELMO integrates with over 50 accounting systems for seamless control of your company budget and expenditure. Information is encrypted, keeping your data safe, yet accessible from almost anywhere.

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Want to know more about ELMO’s Expense Management Software?

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Expense management software helps businesses manage employee expenses, such as travel, reimbursements, and company credit card transactions.

Reduce errors and fraud, improve data accuracy, and simplify the expense reporting and reimbursement process.

Look for receipt capture and management, expense categorisation and tracking, approval workflows, reimbursement processing, and integration with accounting and payroll systems.

Yes, it can help with tax regulations and internal policies. Some software providers offer compliance-specific features and reports to ensure compliance with regulations.

Yes. Reduce unnecessary expenses, prevent fraudulent activities, and streamline the expense management process.