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Ready to amplify your enthusiasm? Join our referral partner program and let’s turn your passion into incredible rewards!

Partner benefits

Why join ELMO’s Referral Program?


Advocate and Earn

Leverage your advocacy for ELMO Software and receive rewarding benefits – your voice matters, and we’re here to appreciate it.


Guidance every step of the way

Our dedicated partner team is your compass to success. From a personal account manager to technical and sales support, we’ve got you covered.


Learn from the source

Know the product inside out. With ELMO, you’ll have the expertise to ensure your clients receive tailored solutions that align perfectly with their needs.


Unlock resources and events

Dive into our wealth of resources aimed at helping you to succeed. Access to exclusive events and webinars for the latest industry insights

How it works


Sign up

Register as a referral partner and become a part of our growing network. Pick the partnership tier that aligns with your goals: is it revenue generation, a growth strategy, building up client relationships or your product development?

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Refer leads

Identify and refer potential clients for ELMO’s transformative solutions.


Earn rewards

Grow your client base, diversify your income, and upgrade your product service offering each time you make a new referral. Watch the partnership program pay off as your revenue grows with every successful referral to ELMO.

Interested in becoming an ELMO partner?

Tell us about yourself and get started on your ELMO journey.
Partnering with ELMO

Better together

A winning partnership for you and your clients.

HR Partners

Help your clients automate & streamline their HR processes. Add strategic value to your clients by helping deliver efficiency and productivity.

Finance Partners

Elevate client Payroll, Remuneration, and HR with automation. Secure them against underpayment with our STP2 solution for compliance and peace of mind.

IT and Technology Partners

Assist your clients to uplift their HR and Payroll with cloud-based solutions or an improved tech. Expand your service offering with an ANZ-designed HR & Payroll solution.


A company or individual at an expansion stage.

For revenue generation, to step up their business development or broaden their industry knowledge so they become indispensable to their clients.

We’re the leader in cloud-based HR software solutions across Australia and New Zealand. With a strong client retention rate, a deadly serious approach to data security and ongoing R&D investment, our partner network has the expertise you’ll want to tap into.

Besides the additional income that successful referrals will add to your bottom line, access to our community of experts will keep you up to speed with the industry’s latest developments, kick-start new business development ideas and take your market reach to a new level.