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HR Management Software

Centralise and automate your people management with an HR software solution that’s built to suit the needs of your business.

ELMO HR Core - a centralised HR hub
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Flexible and scalable

We can cater to your organisation’s level of maturity and will scale with you as your organisation evolves and/or your needs change.

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End-to-end HR solutions, from hire to retire

ELMO is configurable to the specific needs of your business, spanning across the entire employee lifecycle.

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Local support round the clock

We have teams across multiple regions with deep local marketplace knowledge to support your needs. Help is there for you when you need it.

Leave management made easy

Simplified leave planning to enable staff to manage time off efficiently, while aiding managers with robust forecasting tools.

  • Request and check leave balance
  • Check leave approval status
  •  Plan and forecast future leave

Make ELMO part of the team

From work patterns or custom fields like go-to coffee orders, our platform makes it simple for employees to manage their details. Get clear org charts and integrate with your current systems effortlessly.

  • Access and update personal information through Employee Self-Service
  • Show organisational charts including roles, reporting relationships and profile details

Powerful reporting and analytics

Gain valuable insights, by tracking turnover, diversity, and headcount to make informed strategic HR decisions.

  • Centralised view to keep all your information in one place
  • Access employee information and utilise team analytics and dashboards

Share the load

Empower staff with Employee Self Service—update info anytime, on any device for seamless data management.

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Keep it simple

Centralise your employee data into one platform, and make it easy to report or identify expectations.

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We take security seriously

We’re 27001:2013 Certified – the latest information security standard. Your employee data is protected and secure with us.

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HR software is a digital system that automates your HR functions. A centralised system for human resource management that stores employee information and manages functions like leave management, performance management, learning and compliance.

HR software enables users to collect and store employee information and automate HR processes.

It makes it simple for users to run reports and analytics from the securely stored employee data held in the software. It also manages administrative tasks, saving users time and improving efficiencies.

Consider the HR software solutions tools against your needs. Such as automating manual HR processes, superior data security and the level of custom reporting available. Also, look for its ability to integrate with your other main operating systems.