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Careers at ELMO

Join us in building a better world of HR

We believe ELMO Software is an awesome place to work because our ELMOnians are just that: AWESOME!

We embrace the diversity of skills, experience, cultures and attributes that each ELMOnian brings and shares each day.

We value everyone’s uniqueness and their personal contributions in making ELMO a great place to be, engage, innovate and thrive.

You too can be an ELMOnian if you:

  • are awesome at what you do
  • thrive on working with a highly skilled and capable team
  • are looking to innovate with what you bring to the table.

Why choose us?

There are loads of great reasons to work with us. Here are just a few:

A hybrid work environment

Less time in the office means more personal time and a sense of work-life balance. Gain back travel time and enjoy the comfort and convenience of working from home, while balancing that out with the social and stimulating benefits of being in the office to work with your team.


A supportive culture

We believe that a great culture and happy team members impact the entire business. As an ELMOnian, great benefits await you:

  • Parental leave of 12 weeks (primary) or 6 weeks (secondary).
  • Your birthday off! (Or another day that week, if you prefer).
  • A YOU day. One weekday a year to just do you

A social workplace

The best work culture comes from the people within it. ELMO’s social events and diversity clubs help you connect and celebrate what’s uniquely you, and share your passions.


Wellbeing support

We take the wellbeing of our team personally. ELMO’s wellbeing support is there whenever you need it. Whether it’s a confidential chat with a mental health professional, or access to helpful resources. We provide a range of ways to help our team live happy and healthy lives.


Featured openings

To keep our sought-after culture, and provide the ultimate employee experience, it’s all about finding the right employment fit.

ELMO FeaturePhoto 03

Interested? Here’s how we hire.

We’re always on the lookout for talented tech lovers. And our interview process is designed to find the right fit for you – and us.

Step 1:

Our team reviews internal and external applications for any advertised role (our main advertising channels are LinkedIn, Seek and our careers page).

Step 2:

We’ll reach out to qualified candidates for a phone screening first.

Step 3:

Candidates who fit the role’s skills requirements and ELMO’s culture and values are invited for an interview. This can consist of two to three interviews, with formats that range from the traditional structure with behavioural questions, a panel interview and a technical assessment (role dependent).

Step 4:

From here, for the most aligned candidate, we’ll make a verbal offer and create a contract.

Step 5:

We’ll get back to unsuccessful candidates too – providing constructive feedback to help them with their job search.

Want to join the ELMO Software team?

If you don’t see the right match for you in our current open positions, email us your resume to join our talent pool.

When something appropriate comes up, we’ll reach out.