Sydney, Australia 28 August 2020: A survey of Australian and New Zealand HR professionals has revealed that 78 per cent of respondents think their organisation’s senior leaders may be more open to extending remote-based working to their workforce beyond COVID-19.

The insights into the changing attitudes among Australian and New Zealand businesses have been uncovered in a Trans-Tasman survey by ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll.

Of the respondents who said their business leaders were ‘somewhat unsupportive’ of remote-working prior to COVID-19, 87 per cent now think their leaders will be more open to allowing their people to work remotely either full or part-time. For those respondents who believed their leaders were ‘very unsupportive’, 43 per cent believe their leaders are now more open to remote working while 35 per cent believe their leaders had the same views.

Respondents believed that the COVID-19 remote working experience has made senior leaders become increasingly aware of the opportunities and benefits of remote working. More than half of respondents (52 per cent) reported that their organisation has already begun or is planning to begin investing in new technology to support their remote working activity.

Organisations that felt they were ‘very prepared’ for a quick transition to remote based working are still increasing their investment in technology almost as much as those that respondents stated were ‘somewhat unprepared’.

ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll CEO and Co-Founder Danny Lessem says the survey insights show how business leaders in Australia and New Zealand are adapting to extraordinary circumstances.

“Business leaders don’t just change policies and procedures overnight. To see 78 per cent of respondents reporting that the believe that their organisations senior leaders will be more supportive of flexible working into the future is a sign of just how large an influence COVID-19 is having on business practices in Australia and New Zealand.

“The move to large scale remote-based working has pointed out the need to invest in technology that makes managing the remote-based working experience easier.

“In many cases, there are still cumbersome manual processes behind the scenes in a lot of organisations. When businesses are forced to completely change the way they operate, as is the case with COVID-19, these manual processes are exposed for what they are – burdensome and unproductive.

“ELMO’s survey shows that organisations are going to be looking towards cloud-based technology solutions in the wake of COVID-19.”

ELMO’s Work From Home Survey was completed in June 2020 by 256 HR professionals in Australia and New Zealand. The comprehensive report on the survey findings can be downloaded here.

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