Economic security at an all-time low

With the federal election approaching, new research has revealed that just 15 per cent of Australian workers consider the economy as secure.

That’s according to the ELMO Employee Sentiment Index – a nationwide poll commissioned by ELMO Software among more than 1,000 geographically dispersed working Australians. The January to March report offers insight into the prevailing sentiment within the workforce, tracking changes in perceived job security and the employment landscape. 

Employee burnout on the rise

The research also uncovered a growing proportion of workers feeling burnt out has continued to rise quarter-on-quarter to 46 per cent.  

A contributing factor to the climbing burnout rates may be the increased work volumes of working Australians, with a third (32%) of workers feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work they had to do while almost a quarter (24%) said they had taken on more responsibility at work.

The insights and statistics from this report can be a helpful tool for organisations considering how best to support their workforce throughout 2022.

You can also read the New Zealand report containing insights from New Zealand workers here.

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.