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ELMO’s Response to COVID-19

ELMO’s Response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we remain focused on protecting the wellbeing of our employees, customers and the community. We are continuing to follow the expert advice in our decision making on this matter.

ELMO is a cloud-based provider offering our solutions on a software-as-a-service model which can be accessed by customers and ELMO staff remotely. The resources used by ELMO to support product delivery are also cloud-based solutions. Importantly, all ELMO employees have always been enabled to perform their duties remotely, which they are effectively doing today.

In March, ELMO moved its Australian and New Zealand workforce to mandatory remote-working and suspended all staff domestic and international travel. We have also further embraced video-conferencing platforms for all meetings to further protect our employees, customers and other stakeholders. These were necessary precautions to help reduce the risk of community transmissions.

We understand that our customers may also require support and information during this period. This is why we have implemented several initiatives to help businesses manage their people during this crisis. To date, we have:

  • Expanded the ELMO video and online content so employees can continue to train and develop, regardless of remote-working circumstances
  • Created a COVID-19 resources hub with useful tips for businesses managing a remote workforce and dealing with the stress arising from the health crisis
  • Moved our face-to-face events to webinars ensuring attendees still have access to industry-leading insights and information while working remotely
  • Planned fortnightly webinars to stay engaged with the HR & payroll community on matters that are of pivotal importance in today’s environment

We will continue to investigate more ways we can support our employees and customers. We are continuing to monitor this situation and will do all we can to maintain our focus on the health and safety of our employees, customers and the community.