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ELMO launches its new Video Library

ELMO launches its new Video Library

ELMO Software has always been committed to finding innovative ways to help streamline people management and pay – it’s a key part of our DNA and has been a major part of our success.

We’re aware of the growing popularity of video-based content in workplace training programs. Today, 12 February 2020, ELMO is proud to announce the acquisition of Vocam, the Melbourne-based market-leader in HR and safety video content.

Founded in 1990, Vocam is highly experienced in the eLearning field. They have an extensive library of pre-built, SCORM-compliant eLearning courses for employers based in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. These live-action videos not only provide valuable context by being shot on-site in workplaces in each region, but the content is regularly updated to ensure compliance with local legislation.

The addition of Vocam’s video library makes our “best of breed” Learning solution even more powerful and consolidates ELMO’s position as the leading cloud-based convergent HR and payroll provider in the region.

This acquisition gives ELMO access to cutting-edge video production and post-production facilities in Melbourne and the Philippines, respectively. This means we’ll be able to expand and update content according to changing customer and industry requirements.

This is a key addition to ELMO’s product suite. While face-to-face, instructor-led training remains a major part of workplace training, challenges relating to cost, physical location and time out of the office can limit effectiveness. There is also a growing desire from employees to undertake training at their own pace, when they need it, and where they need it.

Video learning helps to meet these demands, while offering a deeper level of immersion and increased flexibility in how knowledge is shared. Video learning is a powerful supplement to text, visual and interactive eLearning experiences, ultimately improving learner engagement and retention of information.

We’re committed to helping all employers take employee training to the next level. To find out how ELMO Video Library can benefit your organisation, or to learn more about any of ELMO’s end-to-end HR and payroll solutions, contact us.