IT Driving Efficiency with HR Technology

IT have always been responsible for driving technology improvements and efficiencies across the business. Advances in HR automation are constantly evolving, and the potential ROI of investment in HR technology is undeniable.

Whilst traditionally championed by the HR team, IT are well equipped to guide an organisation’s leaders through the adoption of HR technology and ensure seamless integration and management of a software that complements the overall IT strategy.

According to Forbes, “IT workers aren’t just facilitating business goals; they’re driving change at an organisational level.” This trend will only increase as business leaders expect IT to become more competent at understanding the business and managing change internally.

So how can IT ensure they are driving cross-functional technology improvements?

Keep up with new trends and understand how they impact the business

Technology is constantly evolving and IT is in the best position to keep on top of this ever-changing landscape. IT are not looking at a technology solution in isolation, they consider how it addresses immediate needs, how it will integrate with existing systems and how it will be managed and supported. By staying abreast of new technologies, trends, and opportunities, IT can help solve internal problems or facilitate a more efficient way to carry out key business functions.

Enabling the business to use technology in an effective way

A great example of adopting new technologies to carry out business functions is in the HR department. IT already understand the benefits of HR software, particularly SaaS solutions, and how these can integrate with existing organisational software. These technologies not only streamline processes for teams like the HR department, but they are easy to manage from the IT team perspective. Using a SaaS or cloud-based technology removes the need for internal IT resources to support users in their use of the software and frees up their time to drive change in the business. By adopting these technologies, the IT team can enable the business to use technology in an effective and often cost efficient way.

Be innovative and adaptive

In order to make sure IT recommends the right HR software, it’s important to think of the impact technology has on overall business objectives. By thinking outside the box and adopting an innovative approach, IT champion solutions that streamline processes, free up time, and enable teams to be more efficient. Having a technology that can adapt and scale with your business needs is also crucial. Many IT teams and HR teams can benefit from cloud-based software that continuously is being developed, supported and delivers ongoing improvements to features and functionality.

Be an advocate and an advisor

As the technology experts in the organisation, IT understands how the implementation of a new technology impacts all areas of the business. Is the technology meeting current business needs? Can it scale and adapt to meet future needs? Will it integrate with existing technologies? Is it supported and constantly developed to ensure it remains relevant in the changing business landscape? By driving technology decisions around HR automation, IT can act to ensure these questions are considered and addressed.

With the IT team moving into a more consultative role, their contribution to driving organisational efficiency through technology will become more apparent. Knowledge of the business strategy, business needs and the value of existing technologies is crucial to selecting the right HR software. By driving the discussions around HR technology, IT can demonstrate their value in new ways and contribute to overall business success.

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.