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ELMO Survey enables organisations to conduct and manage staff surveys throughout all points of the employee lifecycle to gain actionable insights into your employees’ attitudes and opinions towards work. Access a range of ready-made HR survey templates built by industry professionals with over 18 years of experience to help make better business decisions. ELMO’s Survey software fully integrates with the entire ELMO cloud HR & payroll suite.


Access to HR Survey Library and Benchmarking

Use templates from our Survey Library, compare your results against organisations in your industry, across benchmarked data points


Real-Time Updates and Reporting

Gain access to reports that can be updated and generated instantly, allowing for real-time data comparison and analysis across your organisation


Easy Collection and Analysis of Data

Get insight across the employee lifecycle by creating summaries and graphs to track trends and ultimately enable informed decision-making

Key Benefits

  • Assess how engaged & motivated your employees are and obtain actionable insight into your employees’ attitudes & opinions towards their work and work environment.
  • Easily compare results by key demographics such as age, gender, location, division, tenure, and share results with key stakeholders.
  • Incorporate feedback points throughout your HR processes and provide confidence & reassurance through the anonymity feature when working on sensitive HR topics such as diversity and culture.


Data Capture & Reporting

Data Capture & Reporting

Ensure survey anonymity for confidential and sensitive topics

Save reports for future reference, re-use and sharing

Share report summaries with secure, quick access links
Pre-defined Templates

Pre-defined Templates

Access best practice templates or customise your own

Easily customise surveys to create your own feedback surveys

Create your own survey template library for collaboration
Benchmarking & Analytics

Benchmarking & Analytics

Compare with industry benchmark data

Trend analysis

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Analyse results in real time with easy access graphs and exports
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Good alone, better together

HR Survey is part of the Engage suite and works great with others including the following:
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