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Centralise and automate your people management
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HR Core’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service functionality allows staff to find information from anywhere, on any device, at anytime. It enables employees to apply for leave and check their leave balances, and for managers to oversee absences.  HR Core integrates with the other modules in ELMO’s cloud HR & payroll suite, as well as other compatible systems through an API – providing peace of mind for organisations operating multiple systems.


Provide Employee Self-Service

Empower employees to request leave, receive real-time updates, payslips and more


A Truly Integrated and Seamless Solution

Connect your HR Core solution with other systems and experience seamless integration across platforms


Better Insights for Managers

Provide managers with a complete view of their team and enable them to make informed decisions

Key Benefits

  • HR Core’s self-service functionality allows employees to access and update personal information making leave management easier. Likewise, managers can approve leave requests, forecast leave entitlements, and produce reports & analytics.
  • HR Core provides integration with other payroll systems or systems that can transfer data inbound & outbound providing users with the peace of mind of being able to use multiple systems that seamlessly interact with each other.


Employee & Manager Self-Service

Employee & Manager Self-Service

Access & manage personal information

Request, manage and approve employee activities

Check payslips & payment summaries
Leave Management

Leave Management

Configure leave types and payment cycles

Plan & forecast leave entitlements

Integration with payroll
Real Time Data

Real Time Data

Organisational charts with reporting relationships

Utilise organisational analytics and dashboards

Create custom reporting with charts
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Good alone, better together

HR Core is part of the Engage suite and works great with others including the following:
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Centralise and automate your people management
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