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PeoplePod S02 E04 – Sarah Vermunt

PeoplePod S02 E04 – Sarah Vermunt

Getting ahead of the ‘Great Resignation’, nurturing your team, and finding ways to combat burnout

The ‘Great Resignation’ is looming and if you’re looking for an insider’s view, this podcast episode was made for you.

Author, career coach, entrepreneur, and master of making big life changes, Sarah Vermunt knows all about making big career leaps. She started her career coaching business shortly after throwing out her thesis and veering off the path to becoming a university professor. Since then, she has worked with everyone from fresh graduates to investment bankers helping them navigate the challenging path to finding work they love.

In this episode, Sarah and our PeoplePod team dive into deep discussions on:

  • The ‘Great Resignation’ and what employees are seeking out of the new world of work
  • How to keep great employees, nurture new graduates, and improve your hiring practices
  • Tips for leading your team through a big change
  • How to combat burnout for yourself and your team members