Season 01 Episode 10
Diversity & inclusion – changing mindsets through powerful storytelling

Plenty of organisations talk about their diversity & inclusion (D&I) initiatives, but very few use storytelling – in all its forms – to truly engage hearts and minds. That’s what Henry Smith and his organisation, Taste Creative is aiming to do: create compelling, authentic stories that represent the diverse world we live in.

In this episode, we chat to Henry about what sparked his interest in this area, and what business leaders can do to tell the stories that might otherwise slip under the radar.

Henry talks about:

  • Why people engage with compelling, authentic stories, and how the corporate world is starting to appreciate the art of storytelling
  • Why any D&I-focused content is worthwhile, as long as it avoids being tokenistic or simplistic
  • How the global pandemic has impacted the D&I space – for good and bad

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Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.