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HR Compliance In A Changing Work Landscape

HR Compliance In A Changing Work Landscape

Sydney, Australia 23 July 2020: ​A new whitepaper released today is providing Australian businesses with helpful insights on the compliance requirements of employers in a changing environment.

The whitepaper from ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll comes at an important time for employers as the changing nature of work during COVID-19 adds new dynamics to an employer’s responsibilities to their employees.

ELMO’s latest whitepaper notes that as more Australians moved to remote working, employers’ obligations moved with them. Maintaining workplace health and safety standards and ensuring employee wellbeing even while employees continue to work remotely, are still the responsibility of employers.

In addition to the new ways of working during COVID-19, the whitepaper also examines the requirements and regulations around remuneration. The numerous underpayment scandals of the last few years have shone a spotlight on the role of HR and the importance of ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

The whitepaper ​‘HR’s Duty of Care’ ​ can be accessed ​here​.

ELMO’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Monica Watt says compliance should be the first and last consideration for HR professionals.

“When you start a project and when you finish one, the question any HR professional needs to ask themselves is, ‘does this comply with the regulations?’

“While it’s a simple enough task, figuring out the answer can be anything but straightforward. Australia has a very robust and detailed industrial relations landscape.

“As workplaces evolve and COVID-19 changes the working lives of millions of Australians, it’s crucial that businesses do all they can to stay across their obligations to their people and ensure they are compliant.

Please note that the information in the whitepaper is not all-inclusive and is intended for general information purposes only. It does not constitute legal or other advice. Always seek professional legal advice.