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ELMO launches two new modules: Hybrid Work, Wellbeing

ELMO launches two new modules: Hybrid Work, Wellbeing

Key Highlights

  • ELMO launches ‘Hybrid Work’ and ‘Wellbeing’, two new modules available for customers
  • The new modules help businesses manage the new way of working
  • Broadens ELMO’s convergent solution and strengthens customer offering

Sydney, Australia 29 March 2022: ELMO Software Limited (‘ELMO’) has released two new modules, ‘Hybrid Work’ and ‘Wellbeing’. Launched today, the modules respond to the changing ways work is done and the growing need for businesses to support employees’ mental health and wellbeing.

Developed in-house, ‘Hybrid Work’ empowers organisations to coordinate their hybrid working model. With the new module, employers can quickly see who is in the office on each day as employees are able to schedule their time in or out of the office in advance.

The new module allows employers to set capacity limits across divisions or locations so they can adhere to office capacity limits. The module improves visibility, management and compliance of hybrid workforces.

Through a partnership with Acacia Connection, a specialist provider of employee assistance programs (EAP), ELMO’s ‘Wellbeing’ module provides employees with confidential, professional, short-term, solution-focused counselling. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ELMO’s partnership with Acacia Connection provides employees with access to a team of over 1,300 experienced clinicians that deliver services face-to-face, over the phone, via video conference, or through live chat.

‘Wellbeing’ leverages the wider ELMO Software suite to improve access to important mental health and wellbeing information (including the Acacia EAP service) via the ELMO dashboard.

ELMO Software CEO Danny Lessem says the new modules are a response to evolving customer needs as businesses get used to the ‘new normal’.

“Like many of our module releases, the idea for ‘Hybrid Work’ and ‘Wellbeing’ came about by listening to our customers’ feedback as we sought to address their challenges head on.

“Key to getting the hybrid model right is making sure that when people are in the office they are collaborating with their teams and across the broader organisation. To do this, businesses need to know who is going to be in each day to best coordinate that invaluable face-to-face time.

“It’s unsurprising that as a result of the pandemic many people are feeling burnt-out, tired and in need of extra support.

“Our ‘Wellbeing’ module helps employers support their employees with access to counselling services 24/7 and an array of resources and materials.

“It’s no secret that when wellbeing suffers, performance suffers too. With the heightened pressures being felt by so many people, having support measures in place to foster wellbeing is important in creating sustainable high performance in the workplace.

“ELMO is continuing to respond to the ever-evolving market and innovating at speed with new modules that meet the needs of our customers.”

More information on the new modules can be found below:

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