​New data has revealed that businesses in Australia and New Zealand are investing more time learning how to manage their remote-based workforce compared to just 12 months prior.

Analysis of website data by ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll has uncovered a 31 per cent increase in the number of human resources (HR) professionals seeking material on its ​Resources Hub​ throughout March 1 to April 23 compared to the same period last year.

ELMO’s analysis also found businesses aren’t just finding the content, they’re spending more time reading it as well with a staggering 235 percent increase in the amount of time spent on its Resources Hub compared to the previous year.

ELMO’s Chief Human Resources Officer Monica Watt says the spike in the number of visitors and the amount of time they are reading free resources is a sign that many businesses are still adjusting to remote working.

“While some businesses may have had the practices in place to manage remote-working, our data shows that there are still many others out there seeking more information about managing their workforce during COVID-19.

“Our data shows that many businesses are responding to these unchartered waters by not just seeking out information, but investing the time to consume as much information as possible.

“Continuous learning shouldn’t be confined to formalised training courses and seminars. It’s a journey that every employee, from the top down, should be taking part in. It’s encouraging to see HR professionals taking a leading role when it comes to learning,” said Ms Watt.

ELMO also identified a spike in the number of its customers taking advantage of the updated course library which now features COVID-19 specific material.

“Businesses want to ensure their people are getting through this unprecedented time in their working lives while still learning and being productive.

“It’s more important than ever to make sure employees are managing the change properly and have the information, skills and resources they need to perform their role. Even more valuable is the time we have to develop our people to be in a stronger and competitive position coming out the other side of COVID-19.

“ELMO will continue to do all it can to help its customers during this time. Whether it’s adding more courses, putting out free content or launching brand new communication products like ​ELMO Connect​; ELMO is here to help,” said Ms Watt.

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.