​Sydney, Australia 26 May 2020: Businesses around Australia and New Zealand will be able to compare their remote working capabilities against industry benchmarks by participating in a nationwide survey that examines how workforces have adapted to home-based working since COVID-19 saw physical distancing measures introduced around the world.

Today, ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll launched its ‘Work From Home Census’ to analyse how well employees have adapted to remote working and to identify areas where more support may be needed to adapt to new ways of working.

All eligible organisations who complete the survey will receive a free customised report that explores their organisation’s anonymised responses compared to the national benchmark. To be eligible for a bespoke report, organisations need to attract 30 or more responses from their employees.

The survey is open to businesses of all sizes. Human resources leaders who opt their organisation in to participate in the survey will receive a unique survey link that is specific to their organisation for their employees to complete. ELMO will create a bespoke report for eligible organisations on how their company has managed remote working relative to the market.

The survey can be accessed by visiting the ​registration page​.

The survey will examine how workers have adapted to remote working by surveying them on a range of topics such as: their home office set up; their productivity; sense of connection to their colleagues and the impact day-to-day distractions may have had on their work life.

ELMO’s Chief Executive Officer Danny Lessem says this survey and its organisation-specific insights will be an invaluable tool for businesses to understand what has worked and what may need improvement when it comes to remote working.

“For so many organisations the move to remote working was a rapid change that didn’t provide leaders much time to prepare their processes or systems for a new way of working.

“ELMO wants to help businesses right across Australia and New Zealand by giving them data-driven insights into their organisations.

“Our ‘Work From Home Census’ aims to explore the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that remote working poses for organisations and their employees. We want to help affected businesses better leverage their workforce by uncovering areas that may need improvement to boost engagement, efficiency and productivity.

“Businesses that are able to utilise insights and data to manage their people will be in a stronger position to rebound once the community and the economy return to ‘normal’.”

The survey will commence from 25 May and run until 12 June 2020. Participating and eligible organisations will receive their customised reports once the data is collated and analysed.

ELMO has extensive experience initiating and driving national survey projects. Most recently, ELMO partnered with the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) to conduct the 2019 HR Industry Benchmark Survey. The survey polled thousands of HR industry professionals about their organisation and the challenges they face.

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.