Graduate recruitment

Today’s graduates are entering a vastly different workforce. Having experienced major disruption to their final years of study due to COVID-19 and its associated pivot to eLearning, these experiences are also shaping their expectations of the workplace and of their employers.

Attracting and retaining Generation Z

Gen Z has distinct needs and wants that employers looking to attract and retain them must be aware of. While all employers are currently dealing with one of the most significant shifts in work practices ever witnessed, the talent management changes being made today will serve to attract and retain the brightest graduates in the years ahead.

To support organisations undertaking graduate recruitment, we’ve created a whitepaper which outlines:

  • The demographic make-up of today’s graduates, including the needs and wants of Gen Z
  • The most effective ways to attract and recruit this fresh cohort
  • Eye-opening statistics about what makes this generation truly tick
  • Useful tips on how to position your employer brand to appeal to today’s graduates
  • How to retain these employees once they are onboard

Download this whitepaper to use as a useful resource in your graduate recruitment program planning.

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.