ELMO’s Crossword Answers

Thank you for completing ELMO’s crossword puzzle. We hope you found it a useful tool for challenging your HR knowledge!

1. The role of guiding, coaching or directing members of an organisation (Leadership)
5. Attitudes and behaviours of a company and its employees (Culture)
7. The process of defining policies and procedures to ensure your employment and work practices demonstrate a thorough understanding of applicable laws and regulations (Compliance)
9. An acronym referring to online software that stores and manages all employee data in one platform (HRIS)
10. Keeping employees and reducing turnover (Retention)
12. A scoring system of 0 to 10 used to measure employee sentiment (eNPS)
13. Employee _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ represents the degree of enthusiasm and connection employees have with their organisation (Engagement)

2. Using software to digitise and streamline repetitive and time-consuming tasks (Automation)
3. _ _ _ _ appraisal is a type of feedback system where employees evaluate the work performance of their colleagues (Peer)
4. The process of integrating a new employee with a company and its culture (Onboarding)
6. Listed by HR professionals as the top priority in FY21/22 according to ELMO’s 2022 HR Industry Benchmark Report (Wellbeing)
8. What does the ‘P’ in KPI stand for? (Performance)
9. A way of working that allows employees to split time between working in the office and working from home (Hybrid)
11. _ _ _ _ _ _ Management is the systematic approach to supporting employees and teams as an organisation transitions to new processes, tools, or initiatives (Change)

Based on a survey of 1,500+ HR professionals across Australia and New Zealand, ELMO’s HR Industry Benchmark Report contains in-depth, local datasets across all areas within HR’s mandate. Equip yourself with key HR metrics and analytics to spot trends, minimise risk and develop future plans for your organisation.

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Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.