A HR compliance checklist for Australian workplaces in a COVID-19 world

Complying with workplace laws forms an important part of business operations and with COVID-19, it has never been more important for HR professionals to stay on top of ever-changing compliance obligations.

Following on from our comprehensive eBook HR’s duty of care – Your guide to workplace compliance (Australian edition), we have created a practical checklist for business leaders in order to help you meet your compliance obligations, intended to protect employees and avoid any penalties.

This checklist is broken down into several key sections which will help to identify areas you may need to refine or adhere to, including:  

  1. Employment laws in Australia   
  2. Returning to the workplace  
  3. Working from home (when possible to do so)  
  4. Payment and leave entitlements  
  5. Changes to working hours, location or duties 
  6. Standing down employees or ending employment

Download this checklist today to ensure you’re better placed to meet the requirements under the Fair Work Act and safeguard both your organisation and your workforce.

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