HR Summit Brisbane

Dedicated to enabling HR to demonstrate their value as a business partner and gain executive support for the people agenda, attendees to HR Summit Brisbane will hear from keynote speakers, guest panellists and industry specialists.

Keynote speakers, guest panellists and industry specialists will be sharing their HR specific knowledge, innovative approaches, business cases and success stories.

ELMO is the Event Partner at this event, come along to our stand and join us at our session:

Session title: The eternal HR challenge of managing change

Session synopsis: 

We must accept that with intensifying competition within and across businesses, the pace of change is ever increasing. How we manage change can often determine the success of your organisation, and its people that drive it. Let’s uncover the following:

  • What role do you as a HR leader play in management of change?
  • How can technology better enable you to accelerate the acceptance of, and implementation of changes in your organisation?
  • What are the ways to increase employee engagement along your journey?
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