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The Gold Coast Titans

Discover how Gold Coast Titans overcomes inefficiencies in HR processes through ELMO Software.

The Challenges

Time-consuming manual handling of typical HR processes

Clunky leave request and approval workflow

Reliance on a paper-based approach for acknowledging new policies and issuing contracts

Admin-heavy onboarding meant it was easy to miss crucial steps

Like many organisations, the manual handling involved in recruiting and onboarding new employees to the Gold Coast Titans was time-consuming and inefficient. It was all too easy for staff to become bogged down in paperwork due to the reliance on paper-based processes.

As a fast-growing club with big ambitions, this inefficiency was a problem. To unlock their growth potential, it would be vital to streamline the recruitment and onboarding processes and remove any roadblocks standing in HR’s way.

One such hurdle was collecting and updating employee details, something that can quickly become a drain on resources if left to the responsibility of HR alone. Another challenge was the issuing of contracts and new policies, ensuring the correct paperwork had been acknowledged and signed in a timely manner.

Compliance was equally important. The Titans’ strategic objectives for 2030 include financial strength and commercial success, meaning investing in fit-for-purpose technology was crucial for both efficiency and compliance.

“Efficiency was a deciding factor for me as CFO,” Daley says. “We needed to ensure the software was easy and seamless for our staff to use and that’s why we went with ELMO.”

The Benefits

Onboarding workflows results in a more streamlined process and better accountability

Self-service function allows employees to upload and amend details

User-friendly platform makes it easy for employees to navigate, reducing queries to HR

Electronic contracts and policy acknowledgement reduces reliance on paper-based processes

I love how user-friendly the platform is. Our staff can easily jump on and amend their details which makes for a really smooth onboarding.
Adrienne Slik
HR & Payroll Coordinator at The Gold Coast Titans

The Titans’ are enjoying the benefits technology can offer after completing implementation on a number of ELMO solutions.

From a smoother onboarding process to allowing staff to check their payslips and employee details on the go, having the right tools in place has taken the hassle out of admin tasks for the Titans’ staff.

Slik says her favourite aspect of using ELMO’s technology has been the workflow tool within ELMO Onboarding which enables her to visualise and create tailored journeys for all new recruits.

“It’s easy to miss important tasks or information during the onboarding process,” she says.

“But being able to set up a workflow for each task required and assign it to the right staff member has made managing the onboarding process so much easier.”

For newly onboarded employee, Cameron Stallard, the Titans’ Content & Media Coordinator, being able to upload all of the required paperwork through the ELMO portal meant he could hit the ground running on his first day with the club.

As a result, he says his start with the Titans was “carefree and efficient”.

“The world is quickly transitioning to a paperless workforce and so being able to carry out previously time-consuming HR processes online and on the go is a must,” Cameron says.

Daley also appreciates the importance of giving new staff and players a seamless start at the club, embedding the culture and values that make the Titans unique.

“Our people are really at the heart of what we do. We want them to have a fantastic start, be equipped for success and support them every step of the way,” she says.

“Just as our players need the right kit on the field, our staff need first-rate technology to be their best.”