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South Sydney Rabbitohs

South Sydney Rabbitohs

The Rabbitohs modernised their HR with ELMO, experiencing the full benefits of an integrated solution – including massive time savings.

The Challenges

Payroll software was very labour-intensive and time-consuming.

Approximately 10 hours per month were spent on processes that could have been automated

Manual calculations needed to be performed across varied payroll cycles.

Incompatible platforms for onboarding and payroll meant the two could not be integrated

After more than a century in the NRL, the South Sydney Rabbitohs now have a workforce of around 300 employees including staff and players – a much bigger operation than many other teams within the League and other sporting codes.

With so many full-time employees on the books, the Rabbitohs needed an integrated solution for their payroll, onboarding and HR needs.

“Our previous software was very labour-intensive and manual,” says Peter Legg, Chief Financial Officer for the Rabbitohs. “There were many manual calculations that were required for each payroll cycle, and there was no way to integrate the system with our onboarding process.”

Peter could see that the outdated payroll system the club had in place was taking too much time to complete and couldn’t keep up with the complexities of a modern business.

One of the most pressing challenges was the existence of multiple payroll cycles in place across the club.

“We have a fortnightly cycle for administration staff and monthly for the players on different dates during the month, depending on what squad they are in,” Peter says.

“Given the nature of these varied cycles, we needed a system that still allowed automated payroll functions without requiring any manual adjusting.”

It was time to find a solution that would help the Rabbitohs cut out tedious manual processes, automate their payroll, and most importantly, save time.

The Benefits

Manual process are now automated, saving time and resources.

Multiple cycles can run at once, without manual adjustment.

The payroll and onboarding experiences are much smoother now that both platforms are integrated.

Employees can now easily lodge leave requests, expense reimbursements and timesheets.

Our employees are finding the platform easy to use to lodge leave, expense reimbursements and timesheets.
Peter Legg
Chief Financial Officer at South Sydney Rabbitohs

Since implementing ELMO Payroll, the Rabbitohs have been able to automate many of their old processes, which means the finance team no longer has to manually track or calculate multiple payroll cycles at once.

The result? Time.

“Now that we’ve launched ELMO, payroll processing time has decreased by 75% compared to our old system, which adds up to over 10 hours per month in saved time.

“This has allowed us to invest that time back into the administration of ELMO to continually improve the system,” says Peter. “Each pay cycle has been a breeze once everything was set up.”

The onboarding process has also been made simpler for the club since launching ELMO Onboarding, which integrates with Payroll and the rest of the ELMO suite of modules. Given the club turns over up to 50 junior players each year, this integration was crucial.

Streamlining both onboarding and payroll has enabled the Rabbitohs to eliminate time-consuming, manual processes, while also creating a better experience for staff and players. With so many employees across different areas of the organisation, it’s important to provide all staff with a smooth and consistent experience.

“From a user perspective, our employees are finding the platform easy to use for things like leave requests, expense reimbursements and timesheets,” says Peter.

As a cloud-based human resources information system, ELMO can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. It takes the pressure off the Bunnies’ HR and finance departments by enabling all staff to manage HR-related tasks through their individual portal. This self-service function, combined with the 10 hours per month saved on payroll tasks, is giving Peter and his team valuable time savings.