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Learn how RAA unlocked insights for both individuals and organisations by switching to ELMO Software E-Learning Solution – saving 11+ hours a week.

The Challenges

Manual tracking and reporting of learning activities

Inefficiency for managers and HR due to manual interventions

Lack of insights into learning & development due to poor reporting and transparency

Traditionally, RAA had always done the tracking and reporting of its learning activities manually – only a small portion of learning was done via eLearning for compliance matters.

“Previously, we were unable to understand all of the learning activities that were done in our organisation,” says Brenda Brotherton, People and Capability Consultant at RAA. However, with a growing workforce, Brotherton recognised the organisation had to change in order to be future-ready.

The Benefits

Greater insights into the learning being undertaken and completed at RAA, at both individual and organisational level

Greater efficiency for managers and HR from greater automation of time-consuming manual functions

Over 11 hours per week saved on administrative tasks

83% of staff say that the RAA Learning Centre saves them time tracking and recording training activities

We now have a full organisational view of all learning activity and have automated many time consuming, manual functions.
Brenda Brotherton
People and Capability Consultant at RAA
We now have a full organisational view of all learning activity

Brotherton says ELMO has had a “significant impact” on the organisation.

According to an internal report, ELMO has reduced RAA’s administration time allocated to onboarding new starters by over 11 hours per week. Brotherton also reported that 83% of staff said the LMS (known internally as the RAA Learning Centre) has saved them time tracking and recording training activities.

“We now not only have a single view of the learning activities and compliance modules completed for each individual, but we have a holistic view of the organisation and all the learning that is undertaken,” says Brotherton.

She adds that part of ELMO’s appeal is its ease-of-use. “It can do everything we need to do to track and record learning activities and provide the reports that you require, but in a nice, easy to look at interface for the user. I would definitely recommend ELMO to others.”