Predictive People Analytics background

Predictive People Analytics

Unlock the potential of your people data to improve decision-making

Benefitting from innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, ELMO Predictive People Analytics uses historical data to create models that can predict what’s likely to happen in the future – such as identifying employee flight risks at an individual, departmental and organisational level. With this knowledge, employers can take action to reduce regrettable loss and employee churn, thus saving on new hire costs.


Employee Flight Risk Predictions

Obtain employee flight risk insights and identify potential regrettable loss with ELMO’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology


Data Aggregation and Visualisations

Extract and process data from various ELMO systems to create easily understandable graphs and charts


‘Hire to Retire’ Insights

Use multiple configurable dashboards at a central location to view HR and predictive metrics from across the employee lifecycle

Key Benefits

  • By analysing data from across the employee lifecycle, deep insights can be obtained relating to compliance, productivity, engagement, and more.
  • With templated dashboards and data visualisation in the form of graphs and charts, users can easily track workforce behaviour patterns and identify areas for improvement


Get Employee Flight Risk Predictions

Get Employee Flight Risk Predictions

Predict flight risks at an individual, departmental and organisational level

Identify risk early and apply targeted employee engagement

Compare data across your organisation for cross-functional analysis
Data Aggregation and Visualisations

Data Aggregation and Visualisations

Create data visualisations to add to your dashboard

Cutting-edge AI and machine learning modelling

Rapid implementation, with zero configuration required
Customised and Shareable Dashboards

Customised and Shareable Dashboards

Use out-of-the-box dashboards with pre-built visualisations

Build your own dashboards with insights relevant to you

Gain a holistic view of the employee life cycle across your organisation
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Good alone, better together

Predictive People Analytics is part of the Predict suite and works great with others including the following:
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