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Seamless cloud-based payroll and HR solution
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ELMO’s native cloud payroll solution allows organisations to consistently deliver secure, accurate and compliant payroll. Manage staff pay, organise timesheets, and ensure compliance with SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll (STP) in AU and Payday Filing & KiwiSaver in NZ. ELMO’s payroll system fully integrates with the entire ELMO suite, allowing onboarding and leave transactions to flow seamlessly into payroll for processing, so there’s no need for additional data entry or data transfer.


Enhanced Compliance

From creating bank files to Single Touch Payroll (STP) & SuperStream in AU, and Payday Filing & KiwiSaver in NZ, ELMO Payroll covers all compliance needs


Efficient Self-Service

Empower your employees and managers by giving them the power to update their own personal records in their own time


In-Depth Reports

Tap into historical and current payroll data to identify trends or anomalies and manage employees more effectively

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Key Benefits

  • SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll compliant in AU and Payday Filing and KiwiSaver compliant in NZ, enabling your organisation to meet legislative requirements.
  • Managers have access to historical data and with an extensive range of reporting tools, determining variance between two payrolls or exporting General Ledger journals has never been easier.
  • ELMO Payroll provides an intuitive user interface to manage employees across one or multiple payroll cycles with flexibility to run standard or ad-hoc payroll any time.


Employee & Manager Self-Service

Employee & Manager Self-Service

Leave requests & balance

Enables elimination of paper-based timesheets & automates data entry

Payment summaries
Enhanced Compliance

Enhanced Compliance

Single Touch Payroll (STP) (AU) / Payday Filing (NZ) compliant

SuperStream (AU) and KiwiSaver (NZ) compliant

Easy employee payments with standard ABA Bank Files
 Richer, Tailored Reporting

Richer, Tailored Reporting

Audit, variance, payroll tax, compliance & other reports

Export General Ledger journals
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Good alone, better together

Payroll is part of the Pay suite and works great with others including the following:
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Seamless cloud-based payroll and HR solution
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