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Start your new employee’s journey with a personalised onboarding experience
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ELMO Onboarding helps you easily build great pre-boarding & employee onboarding experiences that eliminate paperwork, while improving the employee experience and productivity from day one. With our easy to use, centralised onboarding system organisations can configure the onboarding process & workflows, assign due dates for tasks, documents and courses, send reminder emails, and report upon various organisational metrics. ELMO’s onboarding software fully integrates with the entire ELMO cloud HR & payroll suite.


Simplify Onboarding Processes

Onboarding has never been easier with ELMO. Users are able to create simple & highly visual onboarding workflows & streamline the steps required to get new hires up to speed


Quickly Engage New Employees

Ensure your new employees are engaged and productive with the right tools, resources and information from the commencement of their employment with your organisation


Smooth the Path for New Hires

There’s no need to utilise a third-party onboarding tool when you use ELMO Onboarding – it can seamlessly transfer data from candidates to new employees... all in the one system

Key Benefits

  • Easily tailor onboarding experiences for candidates via ELMO’s onboarding workflow tool.
  • Candidates have their own onboarding portal where they can start being inducted into your organisational culture – meaning they can hit the ground running from day one.
  • Manage your Recruitment, Onboarding & Talent Management system in one platform allowing you to focus on ensuring new hires are productive & engaged from day one.


Personalised Onboarding Webpage

Personalised Onboarding Webpage

Company information & videos

Guidelines for onboarding process including a task list

Introduction to team members
 Workflows and approvals

Workflows and approvals

Configurable workflow processes

Ability to allocate courses from ELMO's Course Library to your new employees

Ability to select stakeholders, prerequisites, time delays and conditions
Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms

Configure forms to meet your requirements

Document upload facility

Integration with Government departments
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Good alone, better together

Onboarding is part of the Hire suite and works great with others including the following:
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