Employee engagement in a hybrid world

Spread between home and the office, hybrid working will prevail long into the future. But how do organisations ensure their company culture doesn’t suffer? 

How to strengthen company culture 

Managing a dispersed workforce requires new strategies to bolster and maintain employee engagement, regardless of where staff are working. As a result, fostering company culture in a hybrid setting takes an intentional and adaptive mindset.

In this webinar, ELMO’s Monica Watt, Group Chief HR Officer and Jess Bell, Content Marketing Executive explored: 

  • Key data around the current state of employee engagement
  • The importance of taking a hybrid approach
  • Best practice strategies for strengthening corporate culture, regardless of location

Watch the webinar recording below, or read more about how organisations can sustain and strengthen corporate culture in our eBook.

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.