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Not-for-Profit Ultimate Guide

Not-for-Profit Ultimate Guide

While working for a Not-for-Profit (NFP) can be very rewarding, it doesn’t come without its challenges. Often budget restrictions and a shortage of skilled staff lead to employees wearing multiple hats and juggling countless priorities.

However, making sure you hire and keep talented staff is a must. So how do you balance out the time needed to find and retain good people with the priorities of the organisation? HR technology can help by streamlining and reducing time spent on manual processes.

We’ve put together an Ultimate Guide to HR Software for Not-for-Profits to help you understand how automation can benefit your organisation and give you time back to focus on helping those in need.

In our eBook: Ultimate Guide to HR Software for Not-for-Profits, you will learn:

  • Helpful tips on the benefits that an automated HR & payroll system can have on your organisations
  • Common HR challenges facing NFPs and how to overcome them
  • Key considerations and questions to ask a potential solutions provider
  • Questions to ask potential vendors
  • How to build your business case for HR & payroll software