Fact Sheet: The Non-Profit Sector in New Zealand

The non-profit sector, also referred to as the not-for-profit sector, third sector, voluntary, charity, community, voluntary welfare, nongovernmental, independent or third sector – is large, diverse, and active. In June 2016, Statistics NZ stated that non-profit organisations contribute $6 billion to the New Zealand economy.

New Zealand has the highest per capita number of charities in the world, with one charity for every 190 people. There are 114,110 non-profit organisations but COVID-19 and the resulting weakening economy has significantly impacted the sector in relation to funding, service delivery and workforce shrinkage.

This fact sheet takes a look at the industry challenges in the non-profit sector, such as:

  • Fundraising
  • Attracting and retaining quality staff and volunteers
  • Governance
  • Managing culture change

and which ELMO solutions can help address these challenges.

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