Employee Referral Programs: A Simple Checklist for HR

What is an Employee Referral Program (ERP)? 

In a talent-tight market, organisations are having to be more creative than ever in their bid to recruit new staff.  An employee referral program (ERP) encourages an organisation’s own employees to refer qualified new talent from their personal networks and act as valuable brand ambassadors. 

Employee Referral Program Checklist 

Creating a successful employee referral program and incorporating it into your recruitment strategy should help to reduce hiring costs and increase your chance of finding the best talent for your organisation. 

To help, we’ve put together this checklist packed with helpful steps and tips to consider, including: 

  • Identifying goals and outcomes of an employee referral program
  • How to get C-suite buy-in
  • What incentives you should set for employee referral program
  • How to turn your employees into brand ambassadors
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