eBook: Learning & development for a new era

Before COVID-19 had even changed our world, a major challenge had been confronting organisations in Australia, New Zealand and around the world: skills shortages.

The pandemic has since exacerbated this challenge, meaning businesses must work harder to fill skills gaps. Our eBook ‘Learning & development for a new era – The rise of eLearning in a post-Coronavirus world’ will look at:

  • Turning crisis into opportunity
  • The skills problem
  • The benefits of eLearning
  • Balancing behavioural and technical skills
  • How employees prefer to learn

COVID-19 is an opportunity for business leaders to kick-start more effective workplace training practices. Download your copy today to ensure you are actively upskilling, reskilling and cross-skilling your employees so you can thrive in what is still, an uncertain future.

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