Our latest eBook ‘How to make the ‘new normal’ great: Developing a successful return-to-the-workplace strategy’, will guide you through the makings of an effective return-to-the-workplace plan, and includes helpful checklists, templates, top-line lessons and much more.

No matter where your organisation is in its journey, the next stage will always hold new challenges as well as opportunities.

This eBook will cover the essential components of a return-to-the-workplace plan, including:

  • Practical workplace solutions to reduce chances of infections spreading
  • Pre-return preparation, from physical safety to professional performance
  • Keeping the right staffing levels – both in and out of the office – whilst ensuring motivation levels are high
  • Maintaining steady communication, including a template to measure employee engagement and sentiment
  • Prioritising workplace health and safety
  • Top-line lessons – from psychological safety, functions and processes to staffing priorities
  • How to ensure your return-to-work plan is effective

Reintroducing staff back into your workplace is only the first step. Download our eBook today to help you re-evaluate, reaffirm or realign your return-to-work plan.

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.