A People-Centric Approach to Change Management

COVID-19 and business change

Organisations around the world have had to implement change initiatives in response to COVID-19, and for many, navigating these changes has only been possible with the adoption of new technology.

Implementing organisational change

A change initiative will affect everyone in an organisation differently, and reaction to the change will vary. While implementing company-wide change is process-orientated – and often very technical – focusing efforts on the human element of change management is the key to success. 

Setting your organisation up for success

Organisational transformation can unlock business potential, improving performance, agility and resilience, which are all signs of organisational health. However, like any change initiative, the introduction of new technology into a business can be challenging. So, how can organisations ensure successful technology change outcomes?

This whitepaper will explore:

  • Where organisations are making change in response to COVID-19
  • Why most change initiatives fail
  • The human element of change management
  • Planning and implementing a change initiative
  • Best practice change management tips
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.