AHRI Gala Dinner – A word from our sponsor

On August 4th, 2016, ELMO was the sponsor of the AHRI National Convention Gala Dinner. ELMO CEO, Danny Lessem delivered the following speech, paying tribute to AHRI and the valuable contribution it offers to the Australian HR community:

Good evening everyone and welcome to tonight’s annual Gala dinner. My name is Danny Lessem and I am the CEO of ELMO Talent Management Software.


This is the third time ELMO has sponsored this event and it never fails to disappoint. One of the huge benefits of this annual convention and gala dinner is the fantastic opportunity it provides to bring people together. This collective of HR professionals from different industries, company sizes and locations around Australia, creates an invaluable forum to share experiences, challenges and achievements.


I’m sure many of us are aware of some media buzz around the what the future of HR may look like. We have already seen HR evolve from a department with a heavy operational focus, to one that has been recognised as having a lot more to offer in terms of strategic business contribution. Late last year, AHRI announced a focus on HR certification and developing capabilities to ensure HR partners are recognised as the partner’s businesses want – very exciting times!


However, as the HR landscape continues to evolve, the essence and purpose remains the same – bringing people together.

This concept of ‘’bringing people together’’, really resonates with me. Whether we are bringing people together at an event like this, across departments or within a team, being able to achieve that objective ultimately strengthens an organisations passion, commitment and success.

I myself am a firm believer in bringing people together and that concept is a driving force in the development and innovation of ELMO’s recruitment, onboarding, learning and performance products. We design our solutions to enhance collaboration, improve engagement and ultimately enable HR to spend more time on their core business of people.


With HR evolving at such a rapid pace, and with no end in sight, it’s important for ELMO to keep our finger on the pulse of change. We partner with HR organisations such as AHRI and sponsor many of their events across the country throughout the year. Each and every one of these events continues to provide us with incredible insight into the challenges faced by HR.

We foster close relationships with our clients and value their first-hand knowledge and experience.  It is this expertise that informs the ongoing innovation of our own products.

If history is a good predictor of the future, we can confidently expect that what HR needs 12 months, 2 years or 5 years from now will evolve. We don’t innovate based on what we think the HR community needs, but rather we listen to the feedback from HR, and take an agile development approach to keep pace with change.


ELMO as a company has also evolved dramatically – largely due to the fantastic support from the Australian HR community. Our product suite has expanded and now includes a fully integrated platform with modular solutions for the complete hire to retire lifecycle.

We have offices in multiple locations around the country and in the last 2 years, have opened new offices in both New Zealand and Singapore.

Our workforce has grown 40% year on year in the last 3 years and we now employee well over 100 people, primarily based in Australia. Our workforce are experts in their respective fields and we have the most experienced implementation team in the country. We take a collaborative approach to innovation and possess a passion and enthusiasm for the HR industry of which I am incredibly proud.


Finally, a big thankyou to Peter Wilson, Lyn Goodear, Angelina Pillai and the team at AHRI. The calibre of events such as this, the resources provided and the initiatives driven by AHRI are a testament to the incredible value it provides to this HR community.

I look forward to continuing our close working relationship with AHRI and am excited to see where the future takes us all.



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