HR professionals today use a variety of means for recruitment. Some use social media, others advertising, but across all industries and company types,  the value of automated recruitment software is being recognised. Research tells us 75% of HR professionals have implemented recruitment software, and 94% say that software has improved their hiring process.

HR automation software can streamline most HR functions, including recruitment. It provides seamless end to end management of open positions and candidate selection and keeps everything in one system where data is easy to analyse and report on.

Once you’ve made the decision to implement HR automation software, the next challenge is how to get your employees to use it.

Below are a few tips for engagement.

  1. Communicate – Let your staff know what is happening each step of the way and why. Communicate the benefits to them and to the overall organisation. Set clear goals and give timelines for completion of those goals.
  2. Get staff excited; make engagement a competition – Keep things fun and light-hearted by having a friendly competition between teams or departments. Provide incentives for those teams and individuals who do engage. Coincide the timing of both deadlines and milestones. Reward the most important milestone achievements with the most popular incentives.
  3. Provide training – Make sure you take the time to fully train your staff on the new system. They’ll need to be comfortable with the software before they’ll start fully engaging with it. A few sessions of training at the beginning of implementation, and a few more afterwards, can go a long way in encouraging engagement.

Implementing new software is always a challenging task with a fairly decent learning curve, but by actioning these tips, you can make the transition a smooth one for everyone in your company.

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.