WEBINAR: Boosting Engagement and Enhancing Employee Experience in the Hybrid Work Era

The past 18 months have seen workforces oscillate between at-home and in-office work set-ups which, as a result, have given rise to what is termed the ‘hybrid’ workplace – where employees alternate between at-home and on-site work depending on their preferences and government health regulations.

While in many ways optimal for employees who relish flexibility, the hybrid environment presents some challenges when it comes to both the employee experience (EX) and engagement, but with the right tools, processes and mindset, these challenges are not insurmountable.

Join our webinar on Wednesday, 15th September at 12:00pm AEST, as ELMO’s Joel Smith, Head of Sales and Emily Johnston, HR Generalist explore:

  • Why it’s so important to give employees greater flexibility regarding where they work
  • How to overcome potential threats to employee engagement and workplace culture
  • How to foster inclusivity with a mixture of on-site and remote workers
  • How to sustain culture and camaraderie in a hybrid world

This webinar has taken place. You can download the on-demand recording here.

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