Frequently cited research indicates that 7 in 10 change programs are destined to fail, and the likelihood of culture change initiatives ending in failure is even steeper.

Unfortunately, with many organisations looking to reinvent themselves after the turmoil of COVID-19, HR professionals will once again be in the frontline of culture change initiatives. How can it be done more effectively?

We invite you to a webinar which explores how a process-based approach to culture change is far more effective than a people-based approach, with special guest Lorraine Salloum, People, Performance & Culture Executive (CHRO), Achieve Australia and Jason Portelli, ELMO’s Product Strategist on Tuesday, 21st July at 11:00 AEST.

Recognised as an Employee Experience (EX) Hero by the World Employee Experience Institute, Lorraine brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into effecting meaningful organisational change from the HR seat. With over 20 years’ experience leading organisational change, Lorraine ensures results through innovative people strategies by being clear on desired cultural outcomes and working backwards from there to produce results.

Lorraine and Jason will discuss:

  • Building commitment from leaders to drive positive performance outcomes
  • Aligning talent strategies to reinforce desired behaviours
  • Setting culture mapping goals and assessing employee sentiment
  • Using ‘moments that matter’ to build a better employee

This webinar has taken place. You can download the on-demand webinar here.

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