ELMO Rewards & Recognition

Become a champion of success. Reward and recognise employees who go above and beyond with ELMO rewards and recognition software.

Why choose ELMO Rewards & Recognition?

Elevate your organisation's culture with ELMO Rewards & Recognition. Build a culture of recognition and pride by empowering employees and managers to openly appreciate and acknowledge the outstanding efforts and achievements of their peers.

How can ELMO help you?

Recognise success
Foster a supportive and positive work environment that ignites employee engagement and fuels your team's success.
Give shout-outs
Enable employees to recognise their peers' accomplishments and successes through recommendations on their employee profile.
Mark milestones
Employees can receive trophies to celebrate achievements and milestone moments, like work anniversaries or completing learning courses.

What our customers say

The biggest benefit however has to be the experience that employees are now afforded through having an amazing engagement tool at their fingertips. I’d highly recommend ELMO to any business looking for a best in class HRIS.

Melanie Woodward - Chief Financial Officer at Master Electricians Australia
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HR decision makers like you harness the power of ELMO to lead company decision making.

Celebrate excellence

From Employee of the Month awards to other notable achievements, our pre-configured workflows make it easy to nominate deserving employees, open voting periods, and allocate awards for celebration. With our customised notifications, you can set up and monitor the entire process effortlessly.

Showcase accomplishments

Elevate your employee recognition game with our exclusive, customised trophies. These trophies can be displayed on an employee's profile, serving as a testament to their achievements. Whether it's commemorating a work anniversary, celebrating a birthday or acknowledging course completion, our customised trophies offer a meaningful way to honour your employees' successes.

Foster a collaborative culture

Empower your employees to become champions of growth and success by recommending their peers for their contributions. With a library of badges aligned with your organisational values, each recognition becomes a unique symbol of achievement.
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