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Custom Reporting Tool

Report on your data, how you want, when you want


In today’s data-driven world…

Analytics is at the forefront of how businesses can optimise day-to-day processes. ELMO’s Custom Reporting Tool (CRT) means you no longer need to manually create reports and sift through data to identify those key areas for business improvements.

ELMO’s Custom Reporting Tool provides insightful data for HR professionals in a centralised location. Gain access to create and run reports from directly within the ELMO platform. You can select from a library of suggested reports or create your own custom reports with the specific datapoints you need, as and when you need it.


A range of available charts to help visualise your data

ELMO’s Custom Reporting Tool will facilitate rapid report generation and data extracts, leaving you with more time to take action against your findings.

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Power to the Users

Users have the ability to create unlimited reports however they want, whenever they want.

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Fast and Flexible Reporting

Create detailed reports to track data over a period of time with your choice of fields in real-time.

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Convergent Reporting Solution

CRT provides a central reporting solution to report on data across multiple modules in a single platform.

HR reporting provides vital insight to your organisation

Using HR analytics provided through ELMO’s Custom Reporting tool enables you to pinpoint areas for improvement and make smarter decisions on a more strategic level.

Custom Reports allows users to explore raw data and create their own reports in real-time by choosing relevant fields across a variety of parameters.


Users have the flexibility to create unlimited reports on their data to help make informed decisions, challenge assumptions and monitor organisational performance.


You can touch on every data point through predefined, popular reports, or create new reports from scratch by choosing the data applicable for your organisation’s specific needs. To make it even simpler, you can save these reports to run again as and when needed.


Charts can be generated instantaneously for aggregated reports, providing visual representation of data. Reports can be exported to either PDF or CSV formats for further analysis.


Let us show you how ELMO can release the full potential of HR at your organisation.


*YouGov findings are based on the survey responses from 347 HR decision makers in Australian businesses with 50+ employees. Responses were collected in March 2023.