HRIS Software for Australian Businesses

Increase productivity, prioritise compliance, and unlock data-driven decision making with ELMO, the one-stop HRIS that’s tailored to fit your specific processes and workflows.
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Flexible and scalable solutions

ELMO’s suite of cloud-based solutions can be used together or stand-alone, and are configurable to an organisation’s unique processes and workflows. Feel confident that you have the flexibility to scale as your organisation evolves.

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Guiding you from start to success

We have deep knowledge and understanding of the Australian marketplace, which enables us to meet the specific demands of the local market. Partner with us for dedicated customer support from pre-sale to implementation and beyond.

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We take security seriously

ELMO’s mission is to protect your employee data. We’re 27001:2013 Certified; an international standard for information security management systems. Have peace of mind knowing your employee data is protected and secure with us.

Transform the employee experience throughout the employee lifecycle

Centralise and automate your people management in one single place.

Navigate the complexities of pay with secure and accurate payroll.

Find and hire the right talent for your business.

Empower your teams to achieve their goals and thrive.

Start your new employee’s journey with a personalised onboarding experience.

Build a culture of learning and develop your people.

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Employee self-service (ESS)

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Single source of truth for employee data

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Trusted Data Protection

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Less admin, more accuracy


Compliance with confidence

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Richer, tailored reporting

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Fill roles faster and reduce costs

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Great candidate experiences

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Move the right talent forward

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Team reporting and insights


Set goals and collaborate

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Mitigate turnover risks

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Reduce time-to-productivity

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Streamline onboarding essentials

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Track the whole process

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Create a culture of learning

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Powerful reporting and insights

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Boost employee engagement

The right solution to your HR challenges

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