HR Industry Benchmark Survey

In ELMO Software’s Insights Exchange webinar, we shared the results from our third annual HR Industry Benchmark Survey, conducted in partnership with the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).

Understanding your workforce

As we adapt to new ways of working, such insights are more valuable than ever before to help you navigate the year ahead.

In this webinar, ELMO’s Monica Watt, Group Chief HR Officer and Jason Portelli, Partnerships Director explored:

  • How COVID-19 has forever changed critical HR areas such as recruitment, learning & development, engagement, workplace health & safety, and compliance
  • How organisations are bracing for The Great Resignation by fine-tuning attraction and retention initiatives and focusing on the new employee experience (EX)
  • The increasing role of technology in creating agile, interconnected, and resilient workforces
  • How the policies and initiatives implemented today will shape the workplace of tomorrow
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.