Sydney, Australia 24 September 2020: ​Businesses in Australia and New Zealand can now rapidly understand their employees’ engagement levels and concerns thanks to the launch of a new feature from ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll.

The new feature allows businesses using ​ELMO’s Survey Module​ to quickly roll out templated surveys to their employees instead of having to spend time creating them from scratch. The templated surveys currently cover three topics; employee onboarding processes, employee offboarding / exiting and staff pulse surveys.

The responses to the templated surveys will be used to create a deep and rich data set which ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll will anonymise and aggregate to enable organisations to access a benchmark report. The reports will show national and industry-specific comparisons based on the anonymised responses from other participants.

ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll Co-founder and CEO Danny Lessem said the ability to quickly understand employee sentiment and engagement was crucial in the current environment.
“In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic downturn, people are feeling stressed and uncertain about what the future may hold. That can have real implications for their engagement in the workplace.

“HR professionals are already working at top speed to manage their employees during a really challenging environment. By adding this new template feature, we are making it easier for them to quickly roll out a survey with a few clicks of a button and then target their activity to the areas that need the most work.

Mr. Lessem added that the benchmarking reports based on data from organisations across Australia and New Zealand would be an incredibly useful resource, providing rare insight for businesses.

“We’re excited to start truly analysing and mapping the pools of data to help businesses understand how they are performing against those in similar industries and against the national average.

“If the benchmark report for a staff pulse survey shows you’re falling behind the rest of your industry it can act as the trigger to help you start making changes to improve on identified problem areas so employee retention rates don’t plummet and recruiting costs don’t skyrocket.”

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.