Australian tech solutions can facilitate the next step in reopening the economy through secure information sharing of employees’ COVID-19 vaccination and test status between Government, business and the tech sector, says ELMO Software CEO Danny Lessem.

As the Federal Government and its State Government counterparts announce new check-in and vaccination status app integrations, ELMO Software is hoping to work with governments to make it easier for employers to manage the record keeping of employees’ vaccination and test status.

The Government and business already share information about workers’ taxation, superannuation and salary through highly secure payroll software solutions that simplify single-touch payroll. Similar protocols, such as using APIs for businesses to connect and determine an employee’s vaccination status, should be explored to share information with employers through secure tech solutions.

While the check-in app integrations are crucial to reopening hospitality and retail venues, these and other industries will need different technology to help them keep across the vaccination status and test status of their workforce.

Industries such as construction, manufacturing, education and aged-care will be the first to face compliance challenges to manage employees’ vaccination and test status.

ELMO Software has recently released a new software solution, COVIDsecure, to help businesses automate record keeping of the COVID-19 testing and vaccination status of their workforce.

ELMO Software CEO Danny Lessem says securely sharing information will be an integral part of helping businesses reopen safely and securely.

“The Government already works with employers to share information about an employee’s salary, superannuation and taxation via payroll software solutions. It’s not too great a stretch of the imagination to think this type of information sharing could take place for an employees’ vaccination and test status too.

“Just like there are payroll solutions in the market, there are tech solutions such as COVIDsecure to automate record keeping of employees’ vaccination and test status.

“Figuring out how government, industry and tech solutions can work together to reopen the economy safely while keeping information secure is an important conversation we all need to be having.

“There are entire industries that are going to need to keep track of employees’ vaccination and test status information to remain compliant with Government regulation. Using software will make it easier for them to do so, using software with vaccination and test status information securely flowing in from the Government will make it even easier.

“While the country is moving ahead with the vaccine roll-out, it’s important that we look to the tools we will need in the near future to manage COVID-19 in the community and the workplace.

“It’s been exciting to see the Governments across Australia embrace technology to manage COVID-19. The next step in their journey is to work with tech players and with businesses to share information.”

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