Rethinking employee remuneration and retention

For many employees, pay isn’t everything. Post-pandemic, organisations should rethink their employee offerings and develop a total rewards strategy that speaks to today’s climate and employees’ needs. Re-modelling remuneration can also help employers optimise their rem budgets – providing more ‘bang for buck’.

What is a total rewards approach?

The term total reward relates to a range of monetary and non-monetary rewards. With base salary as the foundational element, it encompasses all the investments an organisation makes into its employees and takes a holistic view of its employee offerings.

Developing a total rewards strategy 

With many organisations already viewing retention through a broader lens, now is the perfect time to consider implementing a total rewards strategy. This whitepaper will outline:

  • Why the development of a total rewards approach is so important today
  • How to recognise high performers with non-monetary rewards
  • How to build a total rewards strategy: a 4-step process

Download your copy today for a useful resource to adapt remuneration to the new ways of working, with actionable takeaways.

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.