Guide To Tech-Driven People Centric Workplace

In 2021, every company is a technology company, no matter what product or service it provides. I.T. is the lifeblood of today’s businesses, enabling them to function effectively and efficiently. This is even more prevalent in the age of the distributed workforce – a trend propelled by COVID-19 resulting in widespread digital transformation and increased uptake of cloud-based technology.

Working in strategic partnership with chief information officers (CIOs), HR leaders have also played a vital role in driving widespread transformation – helping to ingrain a more change-welcoming, innovative culture into the organisation.

In this eBook, we outline what’s next for IT and HR in the era of a rapidly evolving technological landscape and a changing workforce, as well as the role that HR technology plays in creating a people-centric, data-driven, and future-ready workforce. We explore the following dynamics:

  • Millennials and Gen Z in the workforce
  • Technology is demanding different skills
  • The emergence of the contingent workforce
  • The explosion of collaboration tools
  • Heightened focus on cybersecurity
  • What the future holds
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