The new face of smart tech recruitment

Today, recruiting top tech talent is about more than just posting job listings online. To attract the best and brightest in the industry, companies need to understand candidates’ motivations and habits – and use the right tools to track every stage of the application process.

Despite this, many recruiters still expect that they can go straight to job boards to find quality candidates. There’s also a lack of understanding on the part of recruiters in what they’re looking for, which means candidates are often overlooked.

How to level up your tech recruitment

  • Understand the common hiring barriers: Salary is the foremost barrier. When you are looking for a particular skill set within the market that is considered niche, the salary automatically increases by $20 to 30k depending on work type. Location is also important. Businesses located outside the city tend to get less applications because of transportation limitations.
  • Host meetups and events: Nowadays, the best candidates are going to meetups and events, and are using their networks to find opportunities. Companies can attract software engineers and increase their reach by hosting non-traditional hiring events to attract leaders in the field.
  • Offer unique incentives: Monetary and non-monetary benefits should be considered. For example, you could create a cash bonus and share options for awesome performance in your first year. ELMO has free barista-made coffee and free catered morning tea incentives. We also have ping pong competitions, yoga and meditation, the option to attend talks about the tech stack, workshops, and mentoring and coaching from agile coaches within the business.
  • Highlight projects and learning opportunities: Listing your tech stack and giving developers opportunities to implement new technologies is important. It allows new and current staff to feel more engaged and excited about what is out there in the market and what we can do to better our products. Employer branding is effective if you represent your work environment honestly while showcasing effective value proposition.

How ELMO’s Application Tracking System (ATS) & Recruitment Module helps

The ELMO Recruitment Module allows you to manage the end-to-end recruitment process, from sourcing to hiring to onboarding, all within one dashboard. This frees up time for recruiters to undergo further personal development.

With ATS, recruiters can:

  1. Efficiently filter and train new candidates within one portal — scheduling interviews, making offers and onboarding individuals
  2. Integrate advertised roles with Seek and Indeed — creating two less portals than previously
  3. More closely track application stages when applicants apply
  4. Sort candidates into groups, making the search function easier when looking for candidates in a specific role

Once someone has signed the contract through the recruitment module, you have the functionality to create them as an onboarding user. After this, they automatically have an ELMO account on which they can manage tax, super and personal detail forms. Because all of our products are integrated, the candidate has one profile for all modules: recruitment, onboarding, performance, succession and planning.

In turn, ATS allows us to source and recruit tech talent based on job ads and descriptions, examining an existing pool of skills. ATS means we can monitor and oversee all applications, allowing for easy comparison and feedback loops between staff.

Interested to see how ELMO’s Recruitment Module and Application Tracking System work? Find out more here or request a free demo.

This article was contributed by Olivia Spata, Technical Human Resources Talent Consultant, ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll.

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.