COVID-19 has forced employers to quickly adjust almost every aspect of talent management, starting with recruitment and onboarding.

Regardless of whether your organisation is currently freezing, stabilising or increasing recruitment, it will be taking place in a radically different environment.

Join ELMO’s Head of Sales, Joel Smith and Regional Sales Manager, Michael Shor on Tuesday, 1st September at 11:00AM AEST for a webinar on talent acquisition post-COVID-19: what’s changing, and how current and future hiring practices can hasten recovery efforts.

Joel and Michael will cover:

  • How to re-align your hiring strategy to effectively mirror your revised business strategy
  • Identifying skills gaps in your organisation, especially if downsizing has taken place
  • How to fill roles quickly without compromising candidate experience or quality of hire
  • How ELMO’s ‘Hire’ solutions – Recruitment and Onboarding – can streamline and automate processes, while allowing remote HR service delivery to continue
  • A live demo of the ELMO Hire suite

This webinar has taken place. You can download the on-demand webinar here.

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